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Groups Promotions

Do you have friends and relatives who love to travel as much as you do? Invite them along on your next globetrotting adventure!

Thanks to our new Friends and Family Travel Program, it has never been easier or more affordable to share your love of travel.

Simply gather six or more people to travel with you, and take advantage of our Friends and Family savings!

 6-7 travelers:

Eur 30,00 OFF per person

 8-9 travelers:

Eur 50,00 OFF per person

 10-14 travelers:

Eur 80,00 OFF per person

Furthermore: the more people you bring ... the more you save!

Organize a Group


Discover the benefits of our Group Program

Are you an At-Home Travel Agent, Teacher or part of an Organization, Association, School, University, Religious group, or Social or Community Group? Create lifelong travel memories and earn fantastic benefits.

Organizing a group with a winning situation!

Organize a Group

We know that recruiting and organizing group travel is a hard work for you!

As a thank you for your time and efforts invested as a Group Coordinator, we show our appreciation by rewarding you with a...

Free Tour!

When you organize a group of 15 or more full paying travelers on any of our Collective Tour, you will earn a free space on the same tour for yourself.

Traveling as a Group Coordinator with us means:

-One free space --in single room occupancy-- on the tour for every 15 full paying travelers;

-Two free spaces --in double/twin room occupancy-- on the tour for every 25 full paying travelers;

Full time staff at your disposal during working hours for trip planning and 24 hour assistance for emergencies.

As a Group Coordinator, you must orchestrate all trip planning and organization with our company on behalf of your group.

Once you begin your Sicilian trip, you are on vacation and our professional Tour Director will take over handling all logistics, leaving you free to enjoy Sicily with your traveling companions.

Select a Tour

It's up to you to decide which tour is the best fit for you and your travelers. As you browse our itineraries, keep in mind the following:

  • Length of tour;
  • Price;
  • Time of year you plan to travel;
  • Number of included activities and excursions.

After browsing our itineraries, if you don't see an automatic match for you group, contact us! We're happy to customize itineraries for groups based on their specific budgets, travel dates and interests.

PAY ATTENTION: Our tours include LAND-ONLY SERVICES. All AIRFARE or other arrangements for arriving in Sicily for the tour are up to you and the group to organize on your own.